Our Certification

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Sagrex Foods Incorporated (SFI) is committed to the highest possible product quality and food safety standards and is proud to be regularly audited and approved by the following internationally recognized certifying bodies:

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) is a system for monitoring the total food safety protocol, from harvesting to consumption, so as to reduce the risk of foodborne illness. The system is designed to identify and control potential food safety problems before they occur.

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) also ensure the safety of food as it passes through the process flow.   GMP regulations generally include appropriate personal hygienic practices, design and construction of a food plant and maintenance of plant grounds and plant equipment, sanitary operations, facility sanitation, and production and process controls during the process flow

Halal certified products assure Islamic consumers that the food and beverage products they consume conform to Islamic Law and culture.

License to Operate, issued by the Philippine FDA.

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