Sagrex Foods Inc. exports the unique flavor and health benefits of Philippine Saba Bananas through the state of the art Individual Quick Freeze “IQF” technology. For over a decade, our venture has supported indigenous farmers and has introduced these quality and nutritious fruit products to the world.

Our bestsellers, marketed under the brand Golden Saba, are Whole Saba, Sliced Saba, Banana Springrolls called “Turon” and Mini Banana Springrolls called “Turonitos”. Golden Saba products are popularly known for their fresh and sweet taste in households across the USA, Canada, Australian, Europe, and the Middle East.

Golden Saba’s products are uniquely delicious as they are sourced from a Southern Philippine variety of Saba that grows naturally sweeter and larger on the fertile foothills of Mount Apo. Our customers are assured that our products are meticulously processed so they have an exceptional shelf life of 24 months and are available year-round for all occasions.

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